Nick Deane
Bracknell, Berkshire
Loft Type

"The end result has exceeded our expectations so we couldn’t be happier!"

What was your reason for wanting a loft conversion?

We wanted more living space, but didn’t want to move house as we like where we live and stamp duty fees are so much! So it was then that we thought about a loft conversion instead of moving house. We thought that maybe we didn’t have enough headroom in our loft to be able to convert, but after consulting an architect we were pleased to find out that we did.

Why did you choose Horizon Lofts to convert your loft?

We had 4 companies visit us and provide a quote. We decided to choose Horizon Lofts because we were extremely impressed with the professional way Tom presented himself and the company, it seemed such a well-managed and smooth operation with friendly and helpful staff. The fact that the new staircase wouldn’t be installed until near the end was a big positive for us, meaning less disruption inside the house (other companies enter the house earlier on in the process it seems, which we didn’t want). Tom and his team were very accommodating to all the ideas we had, and provided expert advice when we asked for their opinion. The overall price seemed very reasonable also.

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What are your thoughts on their customer service?

We always had someone to speak with when we needed to, whether it was Tom, Dave or Rebecca. And if they didn’t know the answer to our question they would go and find the answer and get back to us as soon as possible. We had many questions during the process, and we never had any problems getting in contact with someone - we got a sense that the team really do want to please their clients as much as possible. And even if we were not contacting the team with our own questions, a couple of times a week Rebecca would call us just to check if everything was ok, or if we had any questions or concerns – this level of service was so valuable, if only just to put our minds at rest that things were being taken care of (this is the first big project we had ever undertaken so was a bit daunting!).

Did the quality of the build live up to your expectations?

We would say the quality of the build has definitely exceeded our expectations! We are so impressed with how the loft looks, both inside and out. The exterior materials used on the two front dormers are a perfect match to our existing house, it blends in so well. And from the back the full width rear dormer is just how we had envisaged it, unique but subtle, it looks great! The space inside is much larger than we ever thought it would be, both floor space and headroom - we were very pleasantly surprised when we finally got to see inside the converted loft after the staircase was installed. The new staircase looks great, and again blends very well with the existing house. The dormers and staircase all seem perfectly symmetrical. And worth mentioning that a few decorators have been in and commented positively on the plastering work.

How do you feel now that your Loft conversion is complete?

We definitely feel relieved now that it is complete, because you are always a bit nervous something is going to go wrong! (especially for first timers like us). The build did take a few weeks longer than expected, but at the end of the day who cares about a few weeks when the end result looks so impressive. And also the overall cost came in exactly as per the quote - you always hear scare stories of projects running significantly over budget, but with Horizon Lofts the price quoted is the price they are committed to. We can’t wait to get the loft space decorated and carpeted now, so that we can start using the new space! We definitely have no regrets whatsoever about deciding to do a loft conversion, and we are so thankful to Horizon Lofts - Builder Dave and his team have done an amazing job.

Would you recommend Horizon Lofts?

We definitely would recommend Horizon Lofts - they were very professional in helping us first timers through a very scary project, right through the whole process from planning to completion. Their knowledge and expertise really helped us when we needed it, and the customer service was always available and quickly resolved any issues. All snags that we noted during and at the end of the build were corrected very quickly indeed, and so we really have nothing negative to say - the end result has exceeded our expectations so we couldn’t be happier!

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