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Loft Conversion Types

We offer a range of different types of loft conversion to give you the best result.

There are a range of factors to consider when choosing your loft conversion, including the existing roof layout, available attic space and more.

To find out which loft conversion is best suited for your loft, please contact us for a free consultation.

rear dormer by horizon lofts

Rear Dormer

A rear dormer conversion is one of the most typical types of dormer loft conversions carried out. This conversion is a great way to create more head and floor space, by adding extra height to the back of your existing roof.

A rear dormer conversion allows you to keep a sloped roof at the front where Velux windows can be fitted to allow natural light to pour in. The rear dormer is an ideal way to create more head and floor space at the back of the attic. A Juliette style balcony with French doors is a great option here.

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types of loft conversion: rear dormer
l shape by horizon lofts

L Shape

L shaped loft conversions are built to the rear of the property and use the entire footprint of your house.

L shaped loft conversions make the most of the natural shape of your home which includes the main section and the addition to create a huge usable space.

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types of loft conversion: l shape
hip to gable by horizon lofts

Hip to Gable

Hip to Gable conversions are all about making the most out of otherwise wasted space. The aim of this type of loft conversion is to create more head room which generates the space and gives the loft area more light.

Typically no planning permission is required, and the reason it’s known as Hip to Gable is because the ridge line of a hip end roof extends out to make a gable ended roof to maximise your living space.

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types of loft conversion: hip to gable
velux by horizon lofts


Velux loft conversions are typically one of the most affordable and popular types of loft conversion, and planning permission is not usually required. Velux loft conversions make the most of the existing headroom, so no roof or house alterations are needed.

Due to the nature of this attic conversion, work can be completed quickly minimising the inconvenience of working at your home. Velux loft conversions help to increase the amount of natural light in the attic to make the space seem brighter and visually larger.

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types of loft conversion: velux

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